• Kid's Activities

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    Fun Things to Do with the Youngsters

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    Picnic at Big Meadows
    Raft the Rio Grande
    Join the Kids Fishing Clinic
    Play Lumberjack or Cowboy
    Swim at the Allington Inn’s pool
    Scope out wildlife
    Become a Wolf Creek Wolf Pup


    Go to Summer Camp
    A full retreat center, Beaver Creek Youth Camp offers canoeing, horseback riding, low ropes course, swimming, rock climbing, rappelling and more. Offering camps for 1st graders - high school students. Visit beavercreekcamp.org for more

  • The Great Sand Dunes

    Photo by woodleywonderworks - http://www.flickr.com/photos/wwworks/4937677686/A Sea of Sand

    Across the San Luis Valley and against the backdrop of rugged 14,000-foot peaks, the Great Sand Dunes provide a stunning sight to behold.  Over 30 square miles of dunes appear as a “sea of sand” against the nearly vertical face of the Sange de Cristo Mountains. These unique dunes, created by the continuous work of water and wind moving sand, provide a recreation area unlike any other. Medano Creek flows seasonally at the base of the dunes, providing a place where visitors enjoy sand, water and sun in a