Alder Ass Race

Saturday, September 03, 2022    10:00am
Location :  
Brown's Park, South Fork, CO


Join us for the inaugural South Fork Alder Ass Race!

Pack Burro Race starts at 10am at Brown's Park in South Fork.

Runner must have personal burro or have made arrangements to borrow a burro. Runners cannot participate in this race without a burro (no other equine permitted)- this is a burro race.  Solo runners are NOT allowed to participate.  No riding allowed- this is an in hand trail race with a burro.  Burros shall be in good health and sound condition.  Any runner mistreating their burro will be disqualified.

COURSE: There are 3 distances.  

  • The intro course is 3 miles.  Pack saddles, gold pan, pick, and shovel are optional for this distance.  The majority of this course is on pavement for an out and back route.  
  • The short course is 8 miles.  Boots or alternative hoof protection is recommended, but not mandatory. Course may include water crossings.
  • The long course is 19.25 miles.  This course is challenging, rocky, and may include water crossings.  Boots or alternative hoof protection is HIGHLY recommended, but not mandatory.  Leadville short's 2021 course has an elevation gain of 2184 ft.  South Fork's elevation gain is 2862 ft.

If you don't want to race, but still want to participate, sign up as a volunteer

The Alder Ass Race is a pack burro race sanctioned by The Western Pack Burro Racing Association.

south fork burro race



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