A trip to Colorado wouldn’t be complete without a four-wheel-drive adventure! The Rio Grande National Forest offers something for everyone, from scenic, leisurely trips along the back roads, to technical trips that might leave your jeep with a new scratch or dent!

 MG 7731ATV Trails:  

Looking for adventure, but less work than hiking and mountain biking? Try any of the trails designated for motorized traffic. These trails will take you to mountain peaks and amazing vistas of the San Luis Valley, to creek bottoms and dense forest growth. No matter what your skill level, beginners to advanced riders will find limitless possibilities day after day.

Alder Bench #799
Motorcycle ONLY! Starts at Alder Creek Gaurd Station - steep narrow and rocky.
Difficulty: Moderate (8,400-8,900ft.)
Distance: 1.5 miles

Cathedral #794
Motorcycle Recommended. Trail starts at Cathedral campground, easy to the rock, but from here tail clibs and gets steep and rocky, topping out at Groundhog park.
Difficulty: Eady to Moderate (9,370-10,960 ft.)
Distance: 3.25 miles

Embargo Creek #792
Motorcycle ONLY! Go toward Cathedral Camground and follow road to the end, where trail starts. Nice trail through spruce and aspen with a creek.
Difficulty: Moderate (8,500-12,000ft.)
Distance: 6 miles

Middle Alder Creek #797
Trail stats at first switchback past Alder Creek Guard Station.Trail corsses small creek, with a lot of windfall. About 4 miles up is an abandoned cabin and saw mill site. Motorcycle Friendly
Difficutly: Moderate
Distance: 5 Miles

Tewksberry Trail #842
Follow the Beaver Creek Road a few miles until you see a sign "Tewksberry Trail" on the right and follow that road stay to the right. Behind the horse corrals you will find the trail. Motorcycle Friendly
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: 5 miles

West Bear Creek #932
Motorcycles Recommended: Follow Bear Creek Rd. 614 to dead-end where trail starts.
Distance: 2.5 miles

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